610 W. Main – Exterior Brick Building Painting, Wood Trim, Caulking, Window Frame Painted, Scaffolding, Lifts, and Crane

Baptist Seminary – Interior and Exterior Church Painting, Columns Painted, Rotunda, Hallways, Drywall, Crown Molding and Trim Painted
Boyd County High School, Ashland / Eastern Kentucky – New Construction Painting, Exterior, Interior, Cinder Block and Brick Painted, Caulking, Drywall, Door Frames, Windows, Steel Beam Ceiling Painted, Structural Steel Painting, Window Frames, Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, Offices Painted
Cabela’s – Staining of all wood finishes, Wood finish stains, Exterior and Interior staining and painting of all wood surfaces
Corvette Plant – Factory, Plant, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Structural Steel, Tank Painting, Equipment Painted
GE Appliance Park – Structural Steel Ceiling Painted, Drape off Sections, Scaffolding, scissor lifts, Blasting, Power Washing, competitive bids
Christ Church United Methodist – Entire Church, Walls, Ceilings, Drywall repaired and painted, wood and pew finishing, staining and painting, Narthex, Vestibule, Administrative Office areas painted
Grayson County Judicial Center – Entire Correction Facility Painted, Sealed Bid, Interior and Exterior Painting, Drywall, Door Frames, New Construction, hallways, ceilings, floors
Louisville Water Tower – National and Historical Landmark Painted, Circular Scaffolding, Statues Reconditioned and replaced, cranes, Complete Renovation, re-painting
JA 2
Train Trestle – Junior Achievement Project, Charity Projects, Annual Event, Structural Steel, Concrete Supports Painted, anti-corrosive coating, sand blasting preparation
Jewish Hospital East – New Construction Painting, Interior Building Painter, Exterior Buildings Painted, Lobby, Drywall, trim, railings, stairs, offices, exam rooms, waiting room, moldings painted
New Albany Ampitheatre – Steel Structure and Concrete Block Painted, Professional Concrete Painting Company, Interior and Exterior Building Painted
St. Andrews Church – Drywall repairs and painting, Narthex, molding, trim, ceiling, offices, bathrooms, baptistry painted, Sanctuary and Seating Painted
Texas RoadHouse – Exterior Outside Wood Finish Sealed and painted, Remodeled, Refinishing, Commercial and Restaurant Painting Contractor, Remodeling and Renovating
U of L Bio Med Facility and Center – Drywall Painting, New Construction, Caulking, Sealing
USAO – Social Security Office – Government Painting Jobs, Interior Painting


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