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We offer Power and Pressure Washing Services to all of our Louisville and Southern Indiana customers.

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Exterior Building Painting and Industrial Coatings projects are mostly prep work.

And most projects we do get a thorough pressure cleaning before the final scraping and painting or staining is applied.

We can also pressure wash your sidewalk and patio areas to give them that fresh clean look.

Typically we will use a product like TSP (tri-sodium-phosphate) with the pressure washing for that deep cleansing that’s necessary for a newly applied finish to stick really well.

Some things to know about pressure washing is that it can be very dangerous and expensive. Our machines generate pressures from 1600 psi all the way up to our big machines which can put out up to 3600 psi. Simply put that’s enough pressure to gouge wood or concrete, so one must be careful when handling such a tool. Replacing a piece of exterior trim or a trip to the emergency room is no way to spend your day. Pressure washing is always best performed by a professional.

If you need something pressure cleaned or are having the exterior of your building or business re-painted or stained. Make sure the company you hire preps it properly with a thorough pressure cleaning and that they do it in a safe manner.

Some other items we pressure wash are:

  • Brick Exteriors

  • Concrete Exteriors and Flooring

  • Decks and Privacy Fences

  • Locker Rooms

  • Stadiums and Arenas

  • Driveways and Porches

  • Factory Walls and Floors

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