Water Towers, Liquid Holding Tank Linings: Coatings, Sealants, Polymers and Paints

Water Towers, Liquid Holding Tank Linings: Coatings, Sealants, Polymers and Paints

“Avoid the wearing away of parts and equipment due to chemical reactions through the use of corrosion resistant coatings.”

The most recent studies indicate the total cost of corrosion issues in the United States alone is in excess of $276 Billion Dollars!

Corrosion is an electrochemical process in which a metal reacts with its environment to form an oxide or another compound. The cell which causes this corrosion process has three essential constituents: an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte (electrically conducting solution). The corrosion process can also be further complicated by the mixture of harmful chemicals and solvents used during various manufacturing processes.

Corrosion can be present in a process in different ways: as a primary problem in dealing with corrosive chemicals in dry or wet form, environmental conditions or as a secondary problem associated with the processing and or manufacturing of products.

Our Contractors have a wide range of coating options to help address Corrosion issues:

  • Water tower coatings and paints
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Rustoleum Polyurea
  • Metalic Floor Coatings
  • Polyaspartic Floor Coating
  • Zero VOC
  • Zero HAP
  • NeverWet
  • XIM – X-I-M
  • Krud Kutter
  • Anti-Slip Floor Coatings
  • Rust Prevention and Rust Removal

These options include the application of corrosion resistance thermally sprayed metals and polymers or a combination of the two technologies.   In many instances, our coatings can address the corrosive problem while providing secondary benefits such as Release or improved surface hardness promoting erosion resistance.

HPP Industrial Inc. Featuring New Inventory of Industrial Coatings and Commercial Painting in Online One Day Shipping e-Commerce Site

HPP Industrial Inc. features new inventory of Industrial Coatings and Commercial Painting supplies and products in an online e-commerce site with same day shipping:

  1. Decorative flooring
  2. Epoxy flooring
  3. Metallic floor covering
  4. Epoxy metal dust
  5. Low odor floors and flooring systems
  6. Factory and Plant Striping Lines
  7. Fast cure flooring systems
  8. Concrete stains and coatings
  9. Noxyde paint and coating
  10. Structural steel water-based paint
  11. Food industry flooring
  12. Antimicrobial flooring and floors
  13. Food and beverage industry floor coatings
  14. Masonry sealers
  15. Concrete patch and cleaner
  16. Block filler
  17. Decorative flakes
  18. Roof coatings
  19. Dry fall paint coatings
  20. Polyurea / urethanes / aspartic
  21. Peel Stop Primer
  22. Below grade waterproofing
  23. Premium & Professional garage floor coatings
  24. Decorative fountain linings
  25. Plastic box coatings
  26. Green roof coatings
  27. Rustoleum High Performance
  28. Rust-Oleum industrial choice
  29. Rust-Oleum commercial
  30. Mathis Mathias
  31. Sierra performance
  32. 5200 system
  33. DTM acrylic enamel
  34. Water tank coating
  35. Mold and mildew resistant paint, cleaners & coatings
  36. Seal crete
  37. High performance bridge coatings
  38. Concrete crack repair
  39. RAL Colors and Coatings
  40. SSPC standards
  41. DTM acrylics & alkyds
  42. OSHA & safety colors
  43. Protective finishes
  44. OEM coating
  45. Paint brushes
  46. Painting and Paint rollers, sundries & supplies
  47. Inverted field marking paint
  48. Lead dust respirators
  49. Safety glasses
  50. Spray paint respirators
  51. Respirator replacement cartridges
  52. Protective industrial / commercial painting face mask
  53. Protective ear plugs
  54. Lead encapsulants coating / noxyde
  55. PPE, personal protection equipment
  56. Industrial cleaners and solvents
  57. Paint removal strippers
  58. Krude Kutter,
  59. WaterTite
  60. Inorganic & organic zinc primers
  61. Cold galvanizing
  62. Heat coatings
  63. XIM
  64. OKON
  65. Rock Solid – do it yourself
  66. Universal primers
  67. Shop primers
  68. Concrete polishing

HPP Industrial Sales Inc. services the industrial needs of factory, plant and warehouse managers by providing the highest quality industrial strength coatings and commercial paints for businesses and industries, including petrochemical, the food & beverage, power generation, water & wastewater, OEM and plant maintenance.



Mark Sholtes  (502) 552-3569 or Tony Forns (502) 523-5915.

Floor coatings and tank linings and lead encapsulation products, HPP carries all of the products necessary for these difficult environments.

In addition to these specialized products, HPP Industrials also carries many lines of coatings that are environmentally friendly:  Low V.O.C., No V.O.C., and LEED Credit products, OSHA & Safety Colors and commercial painting supplies.

HPP Industrial Sales Inc. Introduces New line of Commercial Painting & Industrial Coating Supplies

At HPP Industrial Sales we specialize in large-scale industrial paint, coating and commercial painting applications.

We are continually making ourselves better each and every step of the way to remain the industry leader in industrial paint and coatings, supplies and sundries.


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We can handle any project:

From decorative, epoxy and metallic flooring to high performance bridge coatings and OSHA colors HPP Industrials Inc. can get you what you need.

HPP Industrial Sales Inc. Introduces a new line of Commercial Painting & Industrial Coating Supplies, Applicators and Products:

  1. Paint brushes
  2. Paint rollers
  3. Paint sundries
  4. Paint supplies
  5. Painting supplies
  6. Paint and Coating Applicator and related supplies
  7. Inverted field marking paint
  8. Lead dust respirators
  9. Safety glasses & goggles
  10. Spray paint respirators
  11. Respirator replacement cartridges
  12. Protective industrial / commercial painting face mask
  13. Protective ear plugs
  14. Lead encapsulants coating / noxyde
  15. PPE, personal protection equipment
  16. Industrial cleaners and solvents
  17. Paint removal strippers

HPP Industrial Inc. 

To do a job and with the  highest quality and low priced supplies can mean the difference between doing the job right the first time or having to do it over again in a few years – you need to call HPP Industrial Inc.

The professional staff will connect you with the best product for your application plus they can recommend the right tools, supplies and sundries to apply the product correctly.

If you settle for consumer-based products that are not designed for industrial or commercial applications it can cost you triple what you think you saved doing something different.

Get the right products for your job and get them at the right price.

HPP Industrial Sales is the right choice.

MPI (Master Painter Institute) M.P.I.

Structural Steel, Ceiling Beams, Plant & Factory Supports – Rust, Corrosion and Protection

Structural Steel, Ceiling Beams, Plant & Factory Supports – Rust, Corrosion and Protection – Advice from Contractors in Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana:

Iron and steel are the most commonly used metals in exterior structures. They are usually chosen not for their corrosion resistance but rather for their strength, cost, and ease of fabrication. Unfortunately, when unprotected, iron and steel rust in almost all environments, and rust extremely quickly when exposed to harsh chemicals, atmospheric salt, corrosive solutions, caustic solutions and moist environments like waterfront areas, chemical facilities, oil refineries, power plants, pulp & paper plants, and dock facilities — to name a few.

We are painting contractors that will analyze your project and give coating recommendations with various options so you can make the best value decisions based on exposure, longevity and cost.

We offer epoxy coatings, urethane coatings, plural component coatings, fire resistant coatings, and standard architectural coatings to protect and extend the life of your structures. We excel in complicated rigging access environments, blast media containment, and fast turnaround time projects.

If you are looking to protect your investment by coating your steel structures, cargo cranes, container cranes, dock cranes or bridges, look to at Our Professional & Experienced Contractors,  qualified industrial painting contractors with a track record of performing.


Industrial Coating Solutions – Louisville KY & Southern Indiana

Industrial Coatings

Providing custom coating solutions for all your industrial painting, sealing and coating needs

Our team at HPP Industrial is dedicated to bringing you the best quality industrial painting, sealing and coatings at globally competitive prices. We have built a reputation for fast turnaround times, while making certain that your job is done quickly with the quality that you deserve.

Our team is dedicated to following it ISO standards to achieve the highest quality whether you have a low or high volume run.

HPP Industrials Inc. will be able to accommodate your custom finish needs with the capacity to do almost any job.


HPP Industrials Inc. has provided Industrial coating solutions and built an extensive network of customers by building partnerships with an unparalleled level of service for over half a century.   Working together, we can solve your coating needs with many high performance coatings.

The HPP Industrials Inc. Difference

A team with the experience, knowledge and resources to meet your industrial coating needs. We are dedicated to the highest quality and service whether you have a low or high volume production run.

Custom & high volume production runs

Regardless of the quantity of your run, HPP Industrials Inc. delivers consistent quality coating applications.  We are dedicated to achieving our company’s goal of “Number 1 Priority 100% Quality.”

From one of a kind manually applied coatings to high volume  powder coating applications, you receive a consistent product.

Industrial Coating Solutions for Kentucky / indiana / ohio / tennessee / west virginia / illinois – HPP Industrials Inc.