Industrial Coatings, Different from Paint – A Contractor and Company in Louisville, KY

There’s a bit more to applying an industrial coating than just slapping it on with a brush, roller, or employing a sprayer.

Firstly, not all industrial coatings are the same. The selection of which coating will depend on several factors, primarily what type of substrate will the finish be going on. Is it steel, aluminum, wood? These are questions that should be answered and addressed before any type of coating is applied.

At Howell & Howell Contractors inc., we realize that it’s best to consult a coatings manufacturer for their advice when it comes to determining the correct product for a given application or project.  A manufacturer will have more experience with their products than anyone else.

Another thing to consider is the environment. There are factories and commercial locations where the weather conditions and physical environment, the coating will have to stand up to, are much different, due to what’s being produced at the plant or where it’s located.

Will it be a high moisture area? What about potential fumes from machinery, or chemicals? Will the surface be heating up and cooling down? Make sure that your estimator takes all of these things into consideration when speaking to your coatings manufacturer.

The last thing any industrial coating or commercial painting company in Louisville wants is to have to warranty an expensive finish because of not taking proper precautions when addressing a simple environmental issue during the initial consultation.

Surface preparation is a key factor. A lot of industrial coating or commercial painting companies fall short in this area. Very often a simple pressure washing or scraping followed by priming will not provide adequate cleaning for the new industrial finish to adhere for the long haul. A chemical wash or neutralizing agent of some sort may be necessary for a final cleaning to ensure that the newly applied finish has staying power. That’s where we go back to our product rep. After specifying a proper product you need to ensure that the preperation will be suitable for what’s going to be applied.

Different products require different solutions. Will the industrial painter you’ve hired to paint that oil storage container know this? Applying industrial finishes are not like residential interiors where it’s a straight forward painting process.

Give us a call or contact us. We will visit your site, and discuss your upcoming project.

We may need to schedule an additional visit so that our paint or coatings manufacturer can have a local representative on hand to give the best advice as well on the best and longest lasting finish possible.

We have extensive application knowledge in high performance coatings, protective linings, and other industrial coatings. Our all weather facilities are located in northwest Houston. Our experienced personnel serve our customers with quality, efficiency and dependability.

 Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. With the cooperation of management and personnel, we strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction by supplying quality work and reliable service.

Howell & Howell Contractors, Inc. maintains the highest quality standards including NACE inspectors. Our highest priority is to provide quality workmanship, coating techniques, and industrial coating knowledge to better serve our customers.