Industrial Coating Applications Specialist

HPP Industrial Inc. introduces a new line of Commercial Paint & Industrial Coating Supplies, Applicators and Products:

  1. Paint brushes

  2. Paint rollers

  3. Paint sundries

  4. Paint supplies

  5. Painting supplies

  6. Paint and Coating Applicator and related supplies

  7. Inverted field marking paint

  8. Lead dust respirators

  9. Safety glasses & goggles

  10. Spray paint respirators

  11. Respirator replacement cartridges

  12. Protective industrial / commercial painting face mask

  13. Protective ear plugs

  14. Lead encapsulants coating / noxyde

  15. PPE, personal protection equipment

  16. Industrial cleaners and solvents

  17. Paint removal strippers

Industrial Coating Applications

At HPP Industrial Sales we specialize in large-scale industrial coating applications.

We are continually making ourselves better each and every step of the way to remain the leader in industrial paint and coatings that we have become.

We invest in both our products and employees to ensure we’ve got the latest products and the knowledge to use it properly and efficiently.  Our employees are highly skilled and have all the right training and certifications necessary to ensure quality information and advice is provided with each work order  and produced on-time every time.

HPP Industrial Sales  has gone out of its way to educate and instill in all of our employees the latest safety standards, practices and guidelines, while also providing them with the proper tools and personal protective equipment.

Our reputation and experience says it all.

HPP Industrial Sales

Water tower coatings and paints / Epoxy Floor Coatings / Rustoleum Polyurea / Metalic Floor Coatings /  Polyaspartic Floor Coating / Zero VOC / Zero HAP / NeverWet / XIM – X-I-M / Krud Kutter / Anti-Slip Floor Coatings / Rust Prevention / Rust RemovalThe best source for industrial coatings, paint, stain, sealant & safety products. Large inventory and low prices help reduce costs and get the job done right.Whether we’re providing coatings for a pipeline, water tower, power plants, ware or plant floor or bridges all across the country, HPP Industrial Sales has it covered.The best source for industrial coatings, paint, stain, sealant & safety products.

Get in touch with HPP Industrial Sales today about the paint and coatings you need for your next project.

The Best Industrial Coatings

You would expect the best industrial coating wholesaler in Louisville to carry name brand products, and to offer professional quality chemicals and coatings that are not commercially available in the big box stores. HPP Industrial Sales carries a wide variety of such products, such as:

3M Safety products | Abrasion Resistance Coatings | Acid Resistant Coatings | Anti-Graffiti Coatings | Anti-Microbial Coatings | Anti-Slip Coatings | Bio Level 1,2,3,4 Coatings | Bridge Coatings | Chemical Resistant caulking and epoxies | Cold Galvanizing sprays and coatings | Cold Temperature coatings | Concrete Protection Systems | Concrete Repair Products | Cooling Tower Coatings | Elastomeric Coatings | Electrostatic Dissipative Coatings

Epoxy Floor coatings | ESD coatings | Fiberglass Coatings | Fire Retardant Coatings | Fish pond and Fountain sealants & coatings | Non-Slip Coatings | Coatings for food and beverage | Green-approved environmentally-friendly industrial coatings, paints and chemicals | Lead encapsulation systems | Marine coating | Rubber coatings.

Many More Applications and Possibilities:

Water towers
Epoxy Floor Coatings
Rustoleum Polyurea
Metalic Floor Coatings
Polyaspartic Floor Coatings
Zero VOC
Zero HAP’s
Krud Kutter
Anti-Slip Floor Coatings
Rust Prevention
Rust Removal


Our Coatings Include:

Corrosion Protection Coatings

Specialized Coatings

Inorganic Zinc Primer

High Heat Aluminum

Two Part Epoxy

Specialty High Temperature Siloxane

Hi-Gloss Two Part Polyurethane

One Component Polyurethane

Epoxy Phenolic

Structural Steel Enamels

Glass Flake Linings

Tank Linings Coatings

Why Choose Hpp Industrial Sales?When you need supplies to do a job and high quality low priced supplies can mean the difference between doing the job right the first time or having to do it over again in a few years, you need to call HPP Industrial. The professional staff will connect you with the best product for your application plus they can recommend the right tools to apply the product correctly.Don’t settle for consumer-based products that are not designed for industrial or commercial applications. Get the right products for your job and get them at the right price. HPP Industrial Sales is the right choice.

Bridges & Tank Coatings – Industrial Coating, Painting, Sandblasting and Sealants

Bridges are not your average paint job. Traffic control, safety requirements, containment, are all factors that go into successfully painting a bridge or overpass. Alpine has completed thousands of painting and sandblasting projects including repainting structural steel supports, pedestrian walkways, overpasses and bridges.

More than any other project, bridges have the strictest deadlines. When bridges need to be shutdown there are concerns with traffic control, which can impede business for nearby shops and driver convenience. Alpine has the experience to work efficiently to get the job done quickly and safely.

Our Professional & Experienced Contractors has the experience to help you choose the best paint system for your bridge or overpass. We have vast knowledge about the various protective coatings and chemicals that can be used on each structural project. Our expert recommendations will insure that your bridge will withstand all weather conditions and look aesthetically pleasing for years. We can handle small cosmetic touch-ups or large scale projects that require sandblasting, power tool cleaning, sealant applications, welding and industrial paint systems.

We offer epoxy coatings, urethane coatings, plural component coatings, fire resistant coatings, and standard architectural coatings to protect and extend the life of your structures. We excel in complicated rigging access environments, blast media containment, and fast turnaround time projects.

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