Industrial Coatings, Patches, Repairs and Surface Preparation for KY,TN,IN and WV

Industrial Coatings, Patches, Repairs and Surface Preparation for Commercial Painting in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio & Indiana


All residue – traces of oil and grease and other contaminants must be removed before grinding or shot blasting.  Grinding and shot blasting without cleaning will only push contamination deeper into the porous concrete surface. Use oil and grease emulsifiers to clean thoroughly.  Stubborn or heavy residue areas may require repeated applications.  Only then will the surface be ready for Industrial Coatings or a Commercial Painting in Indiana & Kentucky


Methods such as Shot and Sand Blasting, Scarifying, Diamond Grinding, Grinding/Sanding, Key Cuts and Water Jetting and Blasting are examples of effective means of mechanical surface preparation.

Below is a brief summary of these methods with features, benefits and limitations:

Shot Blasting,  The preferred method of mechanical preparation that strips thin coatings, cleans and profiles simultaneously.  It is suitable for large and small areas, delivers high production rates, dust free, dry and cost-effective.  The excess shot must be swept-up after blasting.

Scarifying Method uses metal or carbide disks that rotate at high speeds.  Levels uneven floors and edges of concrete. Removes adhesives and thick film coatings. Dusty, very slow and labor intensive. Leaves very rough profile only fit for high build coatings.

Diamond Grinding – Diamond bits are used to grind the surface.  Leaves a very smooth profile, ideal for thin film system applications. Low dust levels. Removes epoxies and urethanes. Slower than other methods.

Grinding/Sanding Prepares, cleans and abrades existing coatings for recoat and helps smooth aggregate floors. Is slow and labor intensive.

Key Cuts Masonry saw cuts/small grooves (approx.1/4inch deep) made around drains, doors and transitions.  These serve as anchor points for the epoxy system, limit sections of failure and reduce undercutting by chemicals.

Water Jetting or Blasting – Water sprayed at extremely high pressure (5,000-40,000 psi) with enough force to profile concrete, remove laitance, contamination and unsound concrete.  No dust is generated, tight spaces can be prepared and different profiles can be achieved.  Eliminates need for harsh chemicals.  Sufficient water source must be available, time required for thorough drying.


Settling cracks – repair after the sealer is applied and before finish coating.  Expansion joints should be repaired and filled with epoxy after the coating system is in place.  When patching apply sealer to crevice to be repaired before applying epoxy patch.   This will enhance the bond strength of the patch.   Apply epoxy / aggregate mixture immediately after mixing – spread with trowel – grind off excess.  This process should be considered before any renovation or remodeling project is initiated or completed.

  • Water tower coatings and paints
  • Wastewater treatment coatings

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • Rustoleum Polyurea
  • Metalic Floor Coatings
  • Polyaspartic Floor Coating
  • Zero VOC
  • Zero HAP
  • NeverWet
  • XIM – X-I-M
  • Krud Kutter
  • Anti-Slip Floor Coatings
  • Rust Prevention and Rust Removal

Industrial Coatings, Patches, Repairs and Surface Preparation for Commercial Painting in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio & Indiana

Industrial Coating Applications Specialist

HPP Industrial Inc. introduces a new line of Commercial Paint & Industrial Coating Supplies, Applicators and Products:

  1. Paint brushes

  2. Paint rollers

  3. Paint sundries

  4. Paint supplies

  5. Painting supplies

  6. Paint and Coating Applicator and related supplies

  7. Inverted field marking paint

  8. Lead dust respirators

  9. Safety glasses & goggles

  10. Spray paint respirators

  11. Respirator replacement cartridges

  12. Protective industrial / commercial painting face mask

  13. Protective ear plugs

  14. Lead encapsulants coating / noxyde

  15. PPE, personal protection equipment

  16. Industrial cleaners and solvents

  17. Paint removal strippers

Industrial Coating Applications

At HPP Industrial Sales we specialize in large-scale industrial coating applications.

We are continually making ourselves better each and every step of the way to remain the leader in industrial paint and coatings that we have become.

We invest in both our products and employees to ensure we’ve got the latest products and the knowledge to use it properly and efficiently.  Our employees are highly skilled and have all the right training and certifications necessary to ensure quality information and advice is provided with each work order  and produced on-time every time.

HPP Industrial Sales  has gone out of its way to educate and instill in all of our employees the latest safety standards, practices and guidelines, while also providing them with the proper tools and personal protective equipment.

Our reputation and experience says it all.

HPP Industrial Sales

Water tower coatings and paints / Epoxy Floor Coatings / Rustoleum Polyurea / Metalic Floor Coatings /  Polyaspartic Floor Coating / Zero VOC / Zero HAP / NeverWet / XIM – X-I-M / Krud Kutter / Anti-Slip Floor Coatings / Rust Prevention / Rust RemovalThe best source for industrial coatings, paint, stain, sealant & safety products. Large inventory and low prices help reduce costs and get the job done right.Whether we’re providing coatings for a pipeline, water tower, power plants, ware or plant floor or bridges all across the country, HPP Industrial Sales has it covered.The best source for industrial coatings, paint, stain, sealant & safety products.

Get in touch with HPP Industrial Sales today about the paint and coatings you need for your next project.

The Best Industrial Coatings

You would expect the best industrial coating wholesaler in Louisville to carry name brand products, and to offer professional quality chemicals and coatings that are not commercially available in the big box stores. HPP Industrial Sales carries a wide variety of such products, such as:

3M Safety products | Abrasion Resistance Coatings | Acid Resistant Coatings | Anti-Graffiti Coatings | Anti-Microbial Coatings | Anti-Slip Coatings | Bio Level 1,2,3,4 Coatings | Bridge Coatings | Chemical Resistant caulking and epoxies | Cold Galvanizing sprays and coatings | Cold Temperature coatings | Concrete Protection Systems | Concrete Repair Products | Cooling Tower Coatings | Elastomeric Coatings | Electrostatic Dissipative Coatings

Epoxy Floor coatings | ESD coatings | Fiberglass Coatings | Fire Retardant Coatings | Fish pond and Fountain sealants & coatings | Non-Slip Coatings | Coatings for food and beverage | Green-approved environmentally-friendly industrial coatings, paints and chemicals | Lead encapsulation systems | Marine coating | Rubber coatings.

Many More Applications and Possibilities:

Water towers
Epoxy Floor Coatings
Rustoleum Polyurea
Metalic Floor Coatings
Polyaspartic Floor Coatings
Zero VOC
Zero HAP’s
Krud Kutter
Anti-Slip Floor Coatings
Rust Prevention
Rust Removal


Our Coatings Include:

Corrosion Protection Coatings

Specialized Coatings

Inorganic Zinc Primer

High Heat Aluminum

Two Part Epoxy

Specialty High Temperature Siloxane

Hi-Gloss Two Part Polyurethane

One Component Polyurethane

Epoxy Phenolic

Structural Steel Enamels

Glass Flake Linings

Tank Linings Coatings

Why Choose Hpp Industrial Sales?When you need supplies to do a job and high quality low priced supplies can mean the difference between doing the job right the first time or having to do it over again in a few years, you need to call HPP Industrial. The professional staff will connect you with the best product for your application plus they can recommend the right tools to apply the product correctly.Don’t settle for consumer-based products that are not designed for industrial or commercial applications. Get the right products for your job and get them at the right price. HPP Industrial Sales is the right choice.

Industrial Coatings & Sealants: Advice from a Contractor in Louisville Kentucky, KY

Industrial Coatings & Sealants providing self cleaning possibilities for your building, construction site or next job.

Specialty Self-Cleaning Coatings

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Self-Cleaning Window/Exterior Glass TreatmentSelf-Cleaning Window/Exterior Glass Treatment Self-Cleaning Exterior Surface TreatmentSelf-Cleaning Exterior Surface Treatment
Air-Purifying and Odor-Eliminating Interior TreatmentAir-Purifying and Odor-Eliminating Interior Treatment Anti-Microbial Surface TreatmentAnti-Microbial Surface Treatment

Why UV-PCO Technology will change your facility maintenance plan forever

Ultraviolet Photocatalytic Oxidation (UV-PCO) technology sounds space age, doesn’t it? In truth, it’s nanotechnology in action. It uses light — from the sun or fluorescent fixtures — to activate a mineral in our products called titanium dioxide (TiO2). The TiO2 quickly breaks down organic molecules, such as grime, bio-film, smog and VOCs, that are then washed away with the rain. Because the process never uses up the TiO2, the self-cleaning process can happen over and over again, even with just one application.

Industrial Coatings & Sealants providing self cleaning possibilities for your building, construction site or next job.

Interior/Exterior Painting and Restoration Services

Retail InteriorRetail Exterior

We offer a full complement of interior and exterior painting and restoration services:

Interior/Exterior: Specialty:
  • Visual Rollout
  • High Traffic Rollout
  • Preventative/Reactive Maintenance
  • Re-branding Renovation
  • Wall Cover Removal/Installation
  • Line Striping
  • Faux Finishes
  • Front Facades/Pylon Signs
  • EIFS Restoration
  • Minor Substrate Repair
  • Wood Finishing
  • Graffiti Control
  • Ceiling Tile Restoration
  • FRP Panel Restoration
  • Woodwork/Laminate Refinishing
  • Window Coating
  • Power Washing

Comprehensive solutions

You benefit from complete solutions: professional specification design, consulting services and survey assistance. From product recommendations to color choices, together we implement a paint program that best fits your needs.

  • Visual Rollouts: Add new color to interior features to increase traffic.
  • High-Traffic Rollouts: Rejuvenate existing locations by sprucing up the areas that receive the most traffic: fitting rooms, cash wraps, restrooms and entrances. Studies show that a fresh appearance promotes increased traffic and sales.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Schedule a regular refresh program, and eliminate the time and money spent on unnecessary service orders.
  • Rebranding/Renovation: Reimage your brand, change your sinage, replace your fixtures…and enjoy increased traffic and sales as a result.
  • Woodwork/Laminate Refinishing: Make your old cabinets and trim look like new again and save up to 90% over the cost of replacement.
  • Ceiling Tile Restoration: Brighten up aged and discolored ceiling tiles for less than half the cost of replacement, with fast and long-lasting results.  For more information and remodeling ideas:

Industrial Coatings & Sealants:  Advice from a Contractor in Louisville Kentucky, KY /

Industrial Coatings & Sealants providing self cleaning possibilities for your building, construction site or next job.

  • Minor Substrate Repair
  • Wood Finishing
  • Graffiti Control
  • Ceiling Tile Restoration
  • FRP Panel Restoration
  • Woodwork/Laminate Refinishing
  • Window Coating
  • Power Washing
  • Visual Rollout
  • High Traffic Rollout
  • Preventative/Reactive Maintenance
  • Re-branding Renovation
  • Wall Cover Removal/Installation
  • Line Striping
  • Faux Finishes
  • Front Facades/Pylon Signs
  • EIFS Restoration

Rust-oleum Rustoleum, Industrial & Epoxy Coatings, Tank Linings / Commercial Painting in Louisville KY

National Painting & Coatings Company Supplying Protective Coatings For Massive Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge Project

Epoxy intermediate coating Macropoxy 646 provides high-gloss protection from harsh Northeast Ohio weather for vital city artery

A leading National Painting & Coatings Company Supplying Protective Coatings was chosen by Atlantic Painting (Oak Lawn, Ill.) to supply high-performance protective coatings for the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) I-90 Innerbelt Bridge project. Coating work is now underway on the 1.8 million square feet of steel that comprise the westbound span over the Cuyahoga River. Reconstruction of the bridge, which opened to traffic in 1959 and is the main east-west artery into and through downtown Cleveland, is the largest project in ODOT’s history. The new bridge, which is north of the existing span, will be 4,247 feet long and stand 120 feet over the Cuyahoga River Valley at its highest point.   Tank Lining & Coatings Kentucky Indiana.

To give the bridge a high-gloss finish and protect the structure from the harsh Cleveland elements, Sherwin-Williams will supply Macropoxy 646, an epoxy intermediate coating, and HP DOT Acrylic Polyurethane, a high-gloss top coat in off-white, for the project. The company is also providing Zinc Clad IV organic epoxy that will be used by Atlantic’s field painters to touch up the shop-primed steel sections and splice plates. More than 26,000 gallons of coatings will be used for the project.

“ODOT needed high gloss, a low film build of 2-4 mils with higher-build performance, superior weathering, and ease of application,” said  regional market director, bridge & highway,  “These products will achieve all of those requirements. As a company headquartered for nearly 150 years in Cleveland, it is gratifying to be an asset protection partner on an infrastructure project that is such a vital link to the city from points near and far.”

Although not all states require steel bridges to be coated, ODOT does stipulate protecting its bridges in this manner.   Bridges in Northeast Ohio must stand up to some of the most rigorous inspections there are, given the constant expansion and contraction caused by thermal cycling, and exposure to road salt and airborne contaminants from Lake Erie winds.

The project design and product specifications address these issues. Because of the level of degradation and corrosion that can occur at structural joints, ODOT wanted to limit their number. The old bridge had joints at every one of the 14 piers, but in the new design there are only two.

In addition, QUV accelerated weathering tests (5,000+ hours of UV exposure is Ohio’s standard) and field experience document the superior gloss retention of the topcoat, which doubles the maintenance-to-recoat cycle. “Our testing demonstrates gloss retention even after 9,000 hours of exposure. This considerably extends the lifecycle of the coating and provides unprecedented value for the taxpayers,” he noted, saying the bridge would likely only need to be repainted two or three times during its design life of 75 years.

The project is unusual in several ways. ODOT used a value-based design-build approach (vs. design-bid-build) for the first time, to expedite the work and minimize disruption to both local motorists and those traveling between Chicago and the Northeast US.

In addition, the bridge’s architecture has distinctive delta-shaped girders that complement the Cuyahoga Valley topography without dominating it. The design teams that competed for the work were evaluated on their ability to deliver on not just cost and an ambitious schedule, but also on preserving the aesthetics that define this part of Cleveland’s landscape. The project was awarded to general contractor Walsh Construction in partnership with HNTB Corporation, the lead architectural and engineering design firm, and HDR, the independent quality engineering firm.

A global protective and marine coatings company that delivers smarter asset protection and unmatched service and specification support to its customers from 4,000 locations worldwide.  From alkyds to zincs, the company offers a complete line of time-tested, high performance  Industrial coatings, Commercial Paints and systems to combat corrosion, supported by the largest group of NACE-certified coatings inspectors in the industry.  Serving Kentucky, KY Indiana, IN West Virginia, WV and Tennessee, TN.

 Tank Lining & Coatings Kentucky Indiana

Rust-oleum Rustoleum, Industrial & Epoxy Coatings, Tank Linings / Commercial Painting in Louisville KY

Industrial Coatings for Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Machinery & Equipment Refurbishing, Renovating, Painting, Coating, Protective Sealants, Rust & Corrosion Prevention

Industrial Coatings for:

Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia and Tennessee

Machinery & Equipment Refurbishing, Renovating and Painting

Coatings, Protective Sealants, Rust & Corrosion Prevention

Today’s machinery and industrial equipment are equipped with sensitive electrical and mechanical components.  Structural Steel, Ceiling Beams, Plant & Factory Supports – Rust, Corrosion and Protection of Louisville Kentucky and Indiana.

While it’s easy to see how the appearance on a machine’s exterior is degrading, peeling or oxidizing, to prevent extremely accelerated wear and premature equipment replacements costs, it’s critical to give attention to the effects highly corrosive agents can have on the machine’s internal connections, engine compartment, and undercarriage.

Structural Steel, Ceiling Beams, Plant & Factory Supports – Rust, Corrosion and Protection can be a difficult undertaking to control, prevent and mitigate common corrosive agents from disabling and destroying equipment.  And while machines all have different jobs and operate in diverse environments, a protective coating will help shield every single one from harmful corrosive environments that cause equipment decay and breakdown, which leads to increased downtime, lost revenue and shorter machine life.

Waxes and polishes can prevent some corrosion, but they are not designed to cover every part of a machine (specifically internal) and they require regular polishing and buffing; time that mission critical equipment could be spending in the field.

The cost to coat a machine can provide a substantial return on investment. The coating materials and application are typically less than one percent of the machine cost, and new machine owners are able to capitalize the cost of coating.

A properly prepared and applied coating can provide many years of protection, generating significant cost savings in equipment maintenance and downtime.

Bottom line: by protecting your equipment today, you’ll be able to make and keep more money tomorrow.


Power and Pressure Blasting & Washing Services Louisville KY

We offer Power and Pressure Washing Services to all of our Louisville and Southern Indiana customers.

Call us at 502-491-7985 for a free pressure washing estimate.

Exterior Building Painting and Industrial Coatings projects are mostly prep work.

And most projects we do get a thorough pressure cleaning before the final scraping and painting or staining is applied.

We can also pressure wash your sidewalk and patio areas to give them that fresh clean look.

Typically we will use a product like TSP (tri-sodium-phosphate) with the pressure washing for that deep cleansing that’s necessary for a newly applied finish to stick really well.

Some things to know about pressure washing is that it can be very dangerous and expensive. Our machines generate pressures from 1600 psi all the way up to our big machines which can put out up to 3600 psi. Simply put that’s enough pressure to gouge wood or concrete, so one must be careful when handling such a tool. Replacing a piece of exterior trim or a trip to the emergency room is no way to spend your day. Pressure washing is always best performed by a professional.

If you need something pressure cleaned or are having the exterior of your building or business re-painted or stained. Make sure the company you hire preps it properly with a thorough pressure cleaning and that they do it in a safe manner.

Some other items we pressure wash are:

  • Brick Exteriors

  • Concrete Exteriors and Flooring

  • Decks and Privacy Fences

  • Locker Rooms

  • Stadiums and Arenas

  • Driveways and Porches

  • Factory Walls and Floors

Call or contact us today with any pressure washing needs you may have 502.491-7985

Power Washing, Pressure Blasting Company & Contractor

Commercial Painting Contractor and Industrial Coatings Specialist

Howell & Howell Contractors is a locally owned and operated company, based in Louisville KY.   A commercial painting contractor and industrial coatings specialist – we also do a lot of high quality building painting and structural coatings for businesses throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana.


Water Blasting, Power Washing & Abrasive Blasting for Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana

Pressure washer

pressure washer is a high pressure mechanical sprayer that can be used to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles, concrete surfaces, etc. The volume of a pressure washer is expressed in either gallons or litres per minute, often designed into the pump and not variable. A pump’s pressure, expressed in pounds per square inch, pascals, or bar (deprecated but in common usage), is also designed into the pump but can be varied by adjusting the unloader valve. Machines that produce pressures from 750 to 30,000 psi (5 to 200 MPa) or more are available.

The basic pressure washer consists of:

  • An electric motor or gasoline (petrol) engine that directly drives a water pump
  • A high-pressure hose
  • Trigger gun-style switch

Similarly as a garden hose nozzle is used to increase the velocity of the liquid, a pressure washer adds its own power to create high pressure and velocity. The pump cannot draw more water from the pipe to which the washer is connected than that source can provide. Moreover, the water supply must be adequate for a given machine connected to it, as water starvation leads to cavitationdamage of the pump elements.

Several different types of nozzles are available, each useful for a particular application. Some nozzles cause the water jet to be ejected in a triangular plane (fan pattern), while others emit a thin jet of water, which spirals around rapidly (cone pattern). Nozzles that deliver a higher flow rate lower the output pressure. Most nozzles attach directly to the trigger gun.

Some pressure washers, in combination with a particular nozzle, allow detergent to be introduced into the water stream, assisting in the cleaning process. Two types of chemical injectors are available — a high-pressure injector that introduces the chemical after the water leaves the pump (a downstream injector) and a low-pressure injector that introduces the chemical before water enters the pump (an upstream injector). The type of injector used is related to the type of detergent used, as there are many chemicals that will damage a pump if an upstream injector is used.

Pressure washers are dangerous tools and should be operated with due regard to safety instructions. The water pressure near the nozzle is powerful enough to strip flesh from bone. Particles in the water supply are ejected from the nozzle at great velocities. The cleaning process can propel objects dislodged from the surface being cleaned, also at great velocities. Pressure washers have a tendency to break up tarmac if aimed directly at it, due to high pressure water entering cracks and voids in the surface.

Most readily available consumer units, commonly found online or at hardware stores, are electric- or petrol-powered. The electric ones plug into a normal outlet, use cold tap water and typically deliver pressure up to about 2,000 psi (140 bar). Petrol powered units can often deliver twice that pressure, but due to the hazardous nature of the engine exhaust, they are unsuitable for enclosed or indoor areas. Some models can generate hot water, which can be ideal for loosening and removing oil and grease.


The first hot-water high-pressure washer was invented by Alfred Kärcher in 1950.   However, Frank Ofeldt in the United States claimed to have invented the steam pressure washer or “high-pressure Jenny” much earlier, in 1927.


A pressure washer cleaning oil-logged airport runway tarmac

In its extreme high pressure form, water is used in many industrial cleaning applications requiring the removal of surface layers as well as dust-free cutting of some metals and concrete. For exterior applications, gas or propane powered pressure washers provide enhanced mobility not available in electric models, as they do not require use in proximity to an electrical outlet. However, for indoor applications, electric pressure washers produce no exhaust and are much quieter than their gas or propane powered counterparts.

High-pressure water at medium pressure, in combination with special chemicals, aids in the removal of graffiti. This process (especially when the water is hot) is used as a quick rinser of the softened graffiti. Sometimes people use a pressurized mixture of air/sand or water/sand to blast off the surface of the vandalized area, thus etching the surface and therefore making it extremely difficult for anyone to ever use high-pressure cleaning as a follow-up process. Sandblasting, when used in graffiti removals, often overcleans a surface and is capable of leaving a permanent scar on the building surface


Pressure washers can damage surfaces they’re used on. Water can be forced deep into bare wood and masonry, leading to an extended drying period. Such surfaces can appear dry after a short period, but still contain significant amounts of moisture that can hinder painting or sealing efforts.


Pressure washers are classified into following groups based on the type of fuel/energy they consume.

  • Electric pressure washer
  • Diesel pressure washer
  • Petrol pressure washer
  • Gas pressure washer
  • Ultra high pressure washer
  • Hydraulic high pressure washer
  • High pressure steam cleaner

Specialty washers

An insulator pressure washer[4] is a mechanical high pressure washer designed to remove contamination/pollution from overhead power line insulators using low conductivitywater with the power on (energized). Cleaning is necessary to prevent flashovers (high voltage shorts to earth across the insulators) which can damage power line equipment.[5]

The basic design consists of the following components:

  • A Power Source (a diesel engine or a Power Power Take Off from a truck chassis)
  • A centrifugal water pump
  • A stainless steel water storage tank
  • A high pressure water hose
  • A high pressure dead-man type water wash gun
  • Electrical grounds for the wash gun and washing system

Insulator washers typically have a pump pressure of about 1000 PSI and a nozzle pressure between 500 – 750 psi. They have a very high flow rate (about 60 gallons per minute) The high flow rate is necessary to provide consistent and fast cleaning of the insulators.

Insulator washers have several basic design layouts  as follows:

  • Trailer mount for use in electricity substations
  • Chassis mount for mounting on a truck bed 
  • Aerial platform mount for mounting on trucks that have aerial platforms
  • Helicopter mounted units 

The washing unit must be able to access the electric towers to be washed. If the towers are off road in rough terrain, a 4×4, 6×4 or even 6×6 truck chassis may be required.

The systems must have a robust design as they are used outdoors, often in adverse climates.